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⭐️Monday May6 :
5am Boot Camp with Merrilyn
6:45pm Dance2Fit with Riley Franklin

⭐️Tuesday 7:
9am Tabata/ Barre with Merrilyn Canceled today
Canceled tonight 6:45pm Yoga Stretch with Tina

⭐️Wednesday May 8:
5am Boot Camp with Merrilyn
5:45pm Barre with Merrilyn Canceled today

⭐️Thursday 9:
5am Tabata with Merrilyn Canceled today
9:15am Vinyasa Yoga with Julie Todd Canceled today

⭐️Friday March 10:
5am Tabata/ Barre with Merrilyn

⭐️Saturday 11:



💢= Pop-up class (always check back periodically for more!)
🎉= New class or new time

There’s absolutely something for everyone at every fitness level!

Boot Camp with Merrilyn Mills,  is perfect for beginners-advanced looking to really lose weight, build strength, and tone.

PiYo with Jenna Brooks is a wonderful combination of pilates and yoga with a continuous flow and fun fast paced music. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to build strength, flexibility, and tone.

Low Impact for Beginners with Jenna Brooks is the perfect way to get started in your fitness activity. We do some vigorous fun cardio walking while incorporating light weights, fun moves, and fun music. (Increase the weight as you like.) The latter half of the workout incorporates some additional weights with easy moves to get the job done! We always stay upright utilizing a chair for the additional weight section. Perfect for any age!

(Postponed at this time) Looking for that fun new dance workout style like Zumba? Welcome to the brand new class called Country Heat with Jody Vanzant! A fitness cardio workout for every age and every fitness level! The sweat will be pouring!

(Postponed at this time) Core De Force is the new workout that will leave you wanting MORE! Join Jody for mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist, blast belly fat, and sculpt total-body definition—no equipment needed.

We offer the BEST Yoga classes around!  –> Come to Yoga Stretch with Tina Bolanger to get your body feeling rejuvenated and feeling amazing. Yoga is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight, build strength, flexibility, and feel higher energy inside and out.

ZUMBA is at Vivid!! You will love the energy and passion Andrew bring to each Zumba class you attend at Vivid! Multiple classes available per week so you’re always ensured to be able to attend one!

Come on in and get started working on YOU with us here at Vivid! We’ll help you reach all your goals and maintain them! See you on the bamboo.